Above the Clouds
Hello! I am Tamara Gabriel Ruiz. Let me narrate to you a story about me...

It all started when I was in Kindergarten, I found my artsy skills at a very young age. You may wonder how do I still remember such remote memory? Well, it struck me like a lighting that it was going to be what I'll be doing in my future...

You see when it lights up the bulb of creativity in your head; that ah-ha! moment. You know yourself and your most truest feeling that this is what you will become.. Since then on, my artsy skills have gotten better and better. I started to learn how to sell and negotiate with others at the age of 6, as in pay me so I know you appreciate my work. I would tend my work on a shelf and showcase it to my whole family. Demonstrating that it is truly a work of art, something I came up with.

It was a tough crowd, though my family didn't acquire the knowledge or the interest of art, only antiques and history of the country. I moved on from impressing them, and rather started to impress others besides myself with my art techniques. Everyday, I taught myself how to use the new techniques from art class, as well when I sat down and tried to create my own. I did not listen to anyone whilst I was at it. I used to forget to eat, I became Van Goh, although I didn't know who he was back then.
When I reached elementary school, I started to market myself. I was only 9 years old and my work wasn't known yet, but I met a friend who taught me how to make jewelry. The basics, the most simplest work I could use to make money so I can buy more supplies.

I knew how to work with colors, so I started combining on my own while designing the piece on a blank sheet of paper. From the paper to the string is how my new art came to reality, my colleagues were impressed. The first week of school I sold about 80 bucks in Bolivian currency; back then it was 8 pesos for 1$. I was just 9 years old who just beat the school system by selling without a permit as well as not getting caught.. I did this for three more years.

When I reached 7th grade, I was known for my artsy skills along with my friend who introduced me to art of making jewelry pieces. Art class was my zen place, I learned how to paint on porcelain, make sculptures, sowing, knotting threads as how the Asiatics would do it. It was a whole new world creating itself in my imagination, It was expanding more and more as I learned new techniques. Millions of ideas rushed into my head while I was in the process of making a new art piece.

Unfortunately, as I used to take trips to visit my other side of my family, and I'would come back to acknowledging that my current guardians threw out most of my art pieces that I have created since my kindergarten times all the way to now. I was furious, I became more isolated to myself, I became a loner. I aspired for respect, and so I grew not needing of anyone's acceptance only the ones out there who are willing to buy and negotiate a price for my pieces.

My father saw that I was resilient, as soon as I finish school work, I would set my art work on the table and start making new pieces. He didn't realize I was making money until I was in 6th grade. He thought they were my holidays savings. He was astounded, and sat down with me grabbed a canvas and taught me how to paint like a real artist. Our hands were covered with paint, I called it "the acknowledgement day'; the most colorful close-to-life sensation of painting and bonding. Love spread all over a canvas...

I thank my father and mother everyday! 
Not one day I don't think of that glorious moment of discovery; to be discovered by a loved one. To push me forward to being artistic as much as I wanted. I found it a need to express myself through art; it was my meditating zen. My life changed completely. The beginth of my artistic life, as a true creator, innovator,  and idealist! 

Today, I am more than that. I have taught myself  marketing at 10, coding at 15, generating mocking websites at 17, not to mention my love for singing and dancing since the time I could stand on my feet.
At 19, I got my first american job, saved up enough to buy a camera and supplies for my upcoming online gallery. 
At 20, I launched my gallery  on different platforms until I was satisfied with the design and presentation from one of them. I collected art pieces for fun, and now I help expose not just myself but other fellow artist that I admire and aspire from.
At 21, I created my online shop and boutique and merged the gallery all in one. For easier browsing and shopping.
At 22 - 23, J have reached enough exposure to become a local artist and collaborate with other people not just in art, but in other forms of talent.
Today, I am thankful to have reached and achieved many goals. I am currently pursuing a degree on one of my timeless hobbies in which balances my life everyday.  I am soon to become a fashion merchandiser and marketer.  I may start looking for my first muse...
I have always wanted to dress people up and make them feel comfortable in their own skin.

Thank you!

Stay timeless,
Tamara GabrielRuiz